Specific Wave Meches Kit

Salon service:
Specific wave meches is a waving solution formulated for hair that is hi-lighted hair.

Product setting:
Specific wave meches innovative formula enriched with Panthenol D (provitamin B5) has the capacity to ensure a uniform wave in hair where the degree of porosity differs, ensuring to the operator safety of result in full compliance with the hairs condition (homogeneous wave and optimal curl).

Specific wave meches is created to achieve a perfect balance of results and fashionable contemporary
designs never compromising the integrity of the hair.
Your results will be hair full of body, shine, waves or curls. The presence of PANTHENOL (Pro-Vitamin-B5) and HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN eliminates the possibility of fragile and dry hair. PANTHENOL D contains proteins that increase tone and elasticity, the HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN connected to a wheat silicone chain attaches itself to the cuticle delivering body, shine and elasticity.

Technical characteristics:
The single KIT contains 5 elements:
– Equilibrat pre-perm lotion 40 ml (pre-perm lotion)
– Equalwave Meches (compensation emulsion) 40 ml.
– Specific wave meches (active wave lotion) 120 ml.
– Specific wave neutralizer (synergic neutralizer) 120 ml.
– Instructions