BES PHF Hair Care

COLOR Conditioner and Shampoo

CURL Conditioner and Shampoo

SMOOTH Conditioner and Shampoo

VOLUME Conditioner and Shampoo

PHF VOLUME EFFECT CONDITIONER: Gives lightness and volume without weighing, moisturizes and protects the hair.
Strengthens and supplies body to the fine hair giving it a long-lasting volume.

Anti-gravity system: increases the density, the thickness and the strength.

PHF SHAMPOO VOLUME EFFECT: Gently moisturizes the hair without weighing it down, gives a massive fluffy effect
and a better consistency to the hair.

PHF CONDITIONER SILK EFFECT: makes your hair easy to comb, silky and easy to control, eliminating the accumulation of electrostatic charges. Penetrates into the heart of the fiber to strengthen the hair and gives more stability. Reconditions the cuticle for silky results.

PHF SILK EFFECT SHAMPOO: Delicate and nutritious, ideal to give a smooth and velvety effect.
Thanks to its gentle action it keeps the hair non-electric, easy to comb, and perfect for styling. Protects straight hair from moisture by sealing the hair fiber and creating a moisture-resistant barrier that eliminates Frizz. Reduces the problem of split ends.

PHF REVIVING CURLS CONDITIONER: Moisturizes curly hair, giving it definition and discipline, without weighing it down. Makes hair elastic and toned. Keeps conditioning light with a prolonged result. Defines and shapes the structure of curls. Eliminates the possibility of tangling difficult to comb

PHF CONDITIONER COLOR PROTECTION: Ideal to moisturize and detangle the hair. Extends the life of the color while helping it to fix and to preserve its brilliance. Has a compensatory action by sealing the hair fiber. With UV filter to protect the color from the harmful effects of the Sun. Colored and treated hair are soft, velvety to the touch and incredibly shinny

PHF SHAMPOO COLOR PROTECTION: Ultra delicate, specific to protect colored hair from the photo-oxidation. Enhances the color expression by removing the substances that can darken it. With UV filter to protect the color from the harmful effects of the sun. Ideal for accentuating the color intensity and depth of reflection. Gently removes residues of color left on the scalp

PHF REVIVING CURLS SHAMPOO: Gentle and moisturizing. Gives support to curls, eliminates frizz, makes hair stronger, bright and bouncy. Curls become soft to the touch and more manageable. Enhances the curls and eliminates the glassy and straw effect.